Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Walleye season beckons

Times outdoors columnist Glen Schmitt

I spent some time walking around the St. Cloud Sport Show last weekend.
The sport show is always a good opportunity to run into some old acquaintances, guys I fish with or used to fish with, and simply swap fishing stories about the past, present, and future.

Throughout the conversations, one main theme kept coming up — everyone seems to be ready for open water and the fishing opportunities that lie ahead.

Even the most die-hard ice fishermen I spoke with seemed more eager than usual to get back in a boat.
Maybe it was the sport show atmosphere, possibly the fact that just about every week another person or two falls through the ice, or the fact that they just have had a tough time catching fish consistently this winter.

But it almost seemed like a lot of people have been talking themselves out of going ice fishing for one reason or another.

While we still have plenty of time to fish through the ice, the fact that’s it’s been a warm winter with strange ice conditions has almost forced people to start thinking about open water.
And honestly, it’s been on my mind as well. I still look forward to the late ice fishing season and the panfish catching opportunities that comes with it, but I have to admit that the day can’t come soon enough when I can get my boat out of storage.

As of today, there are 83 days until opening day of the walleye season.

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