Monday, March 17, 2014

Giant 20-Pound Record Walleye Pending In Washington

by In-Fisherman Online Staff

Veteran river rat John Grubenhoff landed an enormous walleye on Friday, February 28 from the Columbia River that eclipsed the 20-pound mark and by all accounts will demolish the Washington state record walleye.

Grubenhoff was fishing the McNary Pool section of Lake Wallula, which is located between the McNary and Priest Rapids dams at the confluence of the Snake River. “It’s a transition area where the free-flowing Columbia meets Wallula,” he noted.

Knowing that the river’s walleyes would be staging adjacent to spawning areas, Grubenhoff targeted a breakline and current edge that coincided a short cast from a rocky, windswept shoreline. “It was the perfect scenario,” he said.

Indeed, Grubenhoff caught a 14-pound walleye within 10 minutes of dropping his line in the water. While that fish would top most anglers’ big-walleye lists, he was after an even bigger prize. Having caught an 18-pounder several years ago, Grubenhoff had his sights set on a state record. “Actually, I’ve been fishing for that girl for 29 years,” he said.

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